Rychvald: Fish Feast

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Rychvaldská Square once again filled to the last. On Saturday, October 3, there had been a traditional fish festivals where not lack lovers of fish and good fun. Nice weather and a rich program attracted people not only from Rychvald, but also further afield. Tradition festival was founded fifteen years ago. Fish Festival is organized by the city in cooperation with the fishing Rychvald.

Horní Suchá: Fedrování of Folklore 2015

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Mining traditions and customs, dancers in folk costumes, folk music and especially good fun, dominated the Saturday, September 19 Hornosušská Workers' House. This cultural and social event was created as a joint project of the Polish Cultural and Educational Association and the Municipal Office in the upper dry.

Kozlovice: Municipal festivities in 2015

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Kozlovice in Frydek Mistek organized every year as its general celebration. Those of this year fell on Saturday, September 12th. There firehouse was prepared from the afternoon program hosted by a pair Slávek Vašenda and Thomas Machálek. Kozlovice supports many clubs and associations, which are then involved in the formation program of the various events.

Petrovice u Karvine: 21. municipal festivities

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Municipal festivities in Petrovice near Karvina this year fell on Saturday, August 29th. As in previous years, and this one was held in the premises of the motocross race track.

Baška: competition unconventional vessels - Baškohrátky 2015 - 9. ročník

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On Saturday, August 15 on the banks of the dam Baska, which has been revitalized in recent years, gathered on 3,000 enthusiasts and lovers of unusual craft.

Lhotka (pod Ondřejníkem): 21st year - Sculpture ethnographic festival

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The village Lhotka under Ondřejníkem revived on Saturday, August 22 folklore festival called sculpture ethnographic festival. A small village which has about 500 inhabitants and during the festival will include more than 400 thousand spectators and performers.

Jablunkov: 68th annual festival gorolského "Gorolski Święto"

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Like every year the first weekend of August in Jablunkov belonged folklore. It took place here already 68th year of the festival gorolskéhe "Gorolski Święto", organized by the Polish Cultural and Educational Association, the organization, members of the Polish minority in the Czech Republic.

Frenštát pod Radhoštěm: Horečky Fest 2015

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Great music, good humor and a record number of visitors - it was Horečky fest 2015!
Great music, good humor and a record number of visitors - it was Horečky fest 2015!
Family music festival Horečky fest revived Frenštát amphitheater of fever earlier this year for the fifth time. This popular multi-genre event kicked off on Saturday July 11 at 11 pm, when the center was opened to visitors, which was prepared for patnáctihodinový musical marathon. Siemens stage, Continental stage, Rekovice stage and dance barn - four scenes in which on Saturday really lived. Rich accompanying program, plenty of seating, telescopic lighting in the area, projections for the main stage great and original gastro and weather to one, all the most enjoyed not only performers but also spectators who came to truly record number this year.

Program without significant slip and fantastic music all tuned to present well-being and good mood. The two main venues - Siemens stage in the amphitheater stage and Continental in the meadow area of ​​health, alternated biggest festival stars. The festival opened HTK great band, after two years, the festival returned Crash Drums - drummer bunch of Oder, cool audience tuned Voxel and Light & Love. Its premiere on stage Siemens enjoyed Moravian selection muzikálních Silence - Rainbow Unicorn. Charmer pohodář and especially great musician Petr Bende, accompanied by his Band-stuck Horečky fest visitors at Continental stage. Its elemental energy and great music festival audience utterly got David Kraus with the band. Before his performance the audience still had a chance to see a top dance show multiple champion, European champion and world vice-champion in electric boogie Patrick Ulman and his partner David Pargáč of Frenštátu. Fans flock of pop-punk Rybiček 48 is pumping at the Continental stage and from eight o'clock in the evening, viewers could enjoy Ondrej Hejma and yellow dog. Continental stage literally shook the foundations of the band at a concert Deda Mládek Illegal Band. The audience danced, jumped, sang and even rows of the first landed on the podium several Fant. :) With Xindlem X sang completely filled meadow in front of the amphitheater stage Siemens. Conclusion The festival always includes legends that Horečky Fest can not be missed. Before midnight saw a large festival audience applause The Plastic People of the Universe. The main program concluded Prago Union - hip-hop band that has in all modesty in the current domestic hip-hop competition.

Rekovice scene most of the day belonged primarily to children and regional bands and there has traditionally been all afternoon festival available with a guarded nursery where children can participate in creative workshops or ceramics, or enjoy a drumming workshop and the guys from LEAD parkour. The home was totally cool with theater Terka squirrel and mouse Klárka, then have children and adults and the dancing rozezpívala Heidi Janků. Cool gipsy swing, stylish acoustic Acustrio, lively drummers and bečvanský musical folklore after dark succeeded in bringing greater whacking Public Relations, bicycle and Kelly Band.

On his lovers also they come dance music that from the sixth evening until three in the morning belonged barn dance. On the decks in a barn he was replaced by ten great DJ - DJ Lucky boy, DJ accounts, DJ Nikisha and many others.

Besides the concerts were prepared for festival goers dance exhibitions and workshops, children's bouncy castle, Stand media partners Radio Time festival and camp.

"Awesome action! We've totally enjoyed it! Thank you very much !," sounded from many quarters, and it is the greatest reward. My congratulations on the great audience, bands, partners and all they had and have with this great festival fest Horečky something to do, because without you it would not work! Fever fest 2015 is over. Long live Horečky fest 2016! We are looking forward.


Frenštát pod Radhostem: Film music was in the amphitheater at Horečky real experience

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One of the most beautiful natural amphitheatres Horečky at Frenstat pod has
behind the first big concert of the symphony orchestra and chorus under the open sky. On Saturday
June 27 from 20.00 hours appeared on stage accompanied by the Sinfonietta Moravskoslezská
In the evening, choirs with a program of film music. On stage, performed over 150 performers who
its spellbinding power of a great time over 900 spectators. The whole concert ended at 22 hours already behind
heavy rain, but left the concert performers and visitors excited.
During the evening of film music in the amphitheater at Horečky he sounded a well-known film melodies.
The theme song from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, The Phantom of the Opera, Madagascar, Mission, Basic Instinct,
but also hits of ABBA and Europe. The entire large "ensemble" under the baton of Adam
Sedlický run like clockwork. "We fought with great moisture, keep the instruments for
tuned these conditions is a real artform. The gentlemen engineers have performed during the concert
real magic to it all worked out as it should. Finally, I have a very good overall result
feeling. "He described the hot moments in the sound booth Moravskoslezské Sinfonietta Director Jan Soukup.
In addition to the numerous corps, which consisted of members of the choir Ţenského Havirov, Meandry
Bohuslav Martinu's music school, the Academic Choir of VSB - TU Ostrava, Choir
Waldorf Lyceum in Ostrava and Svatomichaelského mixed choir Řepiště, climbed on stage
Also, two soloists Tanya Wajs and Vojtěch Malcharek. All artists vyslouţili a huge ovation,
especially at the end of the concert, when during the last two songs were falling from the sky of rain.
As if adverse conditions amplified in an excellent performance and dedication of all on stage. One
The evening of the guests of film music Lenka Muţíková that Horečky arrived on a bicycle with My husband and
and acquaintances described her feelings about the concert, saying, "He makes me really willies
a great compliment from everyone. The whole thing was beautiful, but the conclusion was that the vast pit. Hope
similar events will be held here in the future. "
Photo: Martin Glatzner

Horní Sucha: Welcoming the summer with Lucie Bila

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The beginning of summer and holidays in Upper Dry traditionally associated with the event entitled "Welcoming the summer"
and has carried on the traditional place in the amphitheater of the football stadium Depos Horni Sucha.
A new feature last year was the International Football Tournament man and did not miss this year.
Like every year, there were prepared many attractions for children and accompanying program could compete even all adults Whether drinking beer on ex or other competitions.
Even this year the organizers prepared a rich program full of music stars.
On Saturday 27th June, alongside the main protagonists of the audience gradually introduced group DROPS Slovak band GRT.
Welcome summer arrived in Upper Dry Zdenek Izer.
One with a unique and unmistakable humor amused and laughed many a viewer.
After him, then it really started on stage Rock & Roll Band of Marcel Woodman.
The diverse program, everyone found their favorite.
Welcoming the biggest attraction this summer, but it was the performance of multiple gold Slavice Lucie Bila.
During the nearly hour concert sounded the greatest hits, such as "Bridge Over Past" and "Love is love".
Welcoming this year's summer attracted 2,500 visitors, which is twice more than last year. And what's the next year?

Michalkovice: Michalfest Music Festival 2015

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From rock to Celtic music. That was Saturday, June 20 next year Michalfestu, a one-day feast of good music, which in the premises of the National Technical monuments Michal mine in Ostrava - Michálkovice celebrate the arrival of summer. The event is organized by the office district and the idea to organize a music festival was founded three years ago.

The main partner of the festival's College of Business in Ostrava.

On his lost children, for which were prepared for absolutely free interesting attractions and activities.

Between what children have taken attraction, adults can taste a variety of snacks.

Good mood or not cause rain showers. And what visitors most enjoyed and what attracted them?

More than 12-hour music marathon took place on two stages, between which people were moving slowly.

The main stars of the festival included the pop-rock group UDG from Usti nad Labem or punk rock band Rybičky 48. It was originally called Banana fish, but was forced to change its name.

From the local area, for example, came from Ostrava singer Elis, who became discovery of the year in the Golden Nightingale in 2014

Success Group is one of the centrepieces of the festival michálkovického and so far none missed.

Celtic music with a touch of Beskydy Mountains Ostrava showcased the band Acoustic Irish.

The first time the festival presented the group with Boris Urbanek TUTU.

This year will also introduce the winner of last year's competition Boomcup group The dust, the Ostrava group Naked Floor, Ostraband or Havířovská band Ajdontker but also others.

In total, so the festival showcased 14 bands and performers.

The biggest attraction of this Michalfestu but has become an international group of legs that danced around the crowded space.

An hour before midnight podium belonged Vlasta Redl and his group. Although this festival stands out for the first time, but still it is not unknown in Ostrava.

Conclusion 3rd year Michalfestu belonged fireworks and band Mayday. This year's festival attracted 2,000 visitors and has now all looking forward to the fourth consecutive.