Jablunkov: 68th annual festival gorolského "Gorolski Święto"

Anonymous Monday, August 10, 2015

Like every year the first weekend of August in Jablunkov belonged folklore. It took place here already 68th year of the festival gorolskéhe "Gorolski Święto", organized by the Polish Cultural and Educational Association, the organization, members of the Polish minority in the Czech Republic.

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Among the co-organizers include the city Jablunkov. File procession, bands and floats from Jablunkovského square to the complex urban forest traditionally leads Gorol on a white horse. Thus for decades starting one of the biggest festivals in Cieszyn. It is one of the oldest festivals in the Czech Republic. The founder is an educator, writer and folklorist Karol Piezga, who in 1947 gave birth to the tradition. Festival for more than 60 years maintained a distinct tradition of the Polish national minority living in the Těšín, and maintains good relations with other nationalities and neighbors what unites them - through popular culture. The festival is also a place for informal meetings with prominent personalities of both political and economic life not only of the region but also from the Polish side. Sunday begins with a morning parade of performers and bands in the square. Since 2007, this day also initiates and Jablunkovský ecumenical Mass in the parish church. This year's, however, took place directly on Jablunkovský Square. In the afternoon, already belongs scene Jablunkov Municipal Forest domestic and foreign folklore companies and bands. A total of 40 files presented to visitors, both foreign and domestic. Joint appearance was introduced choirs Melodia and Gorol. Bystrzyca folk ensemble was founded in 1984 under the auspices of a local group of Polish Cultural-Educational Union in Bystrice nad Olsi. Certainly could not miss home file Záolzí [Záolzí]. Since its inception in 2001 is not only a participant in the annual festival, but also participates in its organization. Song and Dance Ensemble Polonez arrived from Edmonton, Canada. It was founded in 1982. He performs not only at home in Edmonton, but also in Calgary and other places in the province of Alberta. Thanks conjunction with the Week of Beskydy Culture Festival will also foreign ensembles such as Lithuania, Ukraine, Egypt or Turkey. At its come and lovers of good food, traditional wooden houses to taste many a specialty Gorol cuisine. Throughout the weekend also hosts a number of events. On display so as demonstrations of traditional crafts, handicrafts production and manufacturing processes "Szikowne Gorolski street of." And all this with a handwritten try. During the three days of festivities Municipal forest area in Jablunkov visited by 14 thousand people. The final touch horalského year's festival took care of Košice folk ensemble ironmonger. Anyone who passed up this year, can already look forward to the next one.

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